Inksomnia - Creative streetwear from Indonesia

Welcome to INKSOMNIA, a creative streetwear since 2002.

Who we are

Be a daydreamer and a nightrunner, Creative streetwear from Indonesia : inksomnia.

Inksomnia Streetwear The beginning and the trend The conversation about making street wear apparel was held in 2001.
Thus hectic activity of the two pioneers in this company, there’s no further step and the conversation never brought up again until 2003.

What makes Inksomnia different from other clothing brand? Inksomnia create something new and fresh without trying to imitate other brand’s design (plagiarism) or following the mainstream design. Inksomnia create their own design, purely 100% from their ideas, and it makes them a trendsetter.
With high quality material, very limited quantity, unique fresh design, everybody can see the differences.

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inksomnia store jl. Cililin Raya no 3. Jakarta